Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why not?

Ok...here goes. After many half baked attempts at writing a blog of sorts...abracadabra. But in my opinion, a blog should mark an occasion of sorts, kind of like the decision I had to make recently. It was either;

(A) Continue on my comfortable, merry way in life or,
(B) Have another baby and/or
(C) Leave my job to join the circus.

I chose (B) and (C). Not necessarily in that order. Yes, you heard right. We've had another baby (more on that later)....and I'm joining the circus. Not Ashton bros or Ringling bros but the Circus of the Sun aka Cirque du Soleil. And I haven't decided to move cities or change states in which I live and work, but I'm moving countries. To China. Yep...the P.R.C. Well, S.A.R (Special Administritive Region) to be precise. The Macau S.A.R in fact. Now if that isn't enough acronyms for you....

Yes, Cirque have headhunted me from across the globe for the position as physio for their resident show, ZAIA, in Macau. So i've left the comfy job I had, left the house we have settled domestically blissfully in, left all that we had become accustomed to - for a country half a world away. But it will all make sense....

This decision will make a lot more sense to you (and me) after you read this post. It really will. I'll throw two things out there right now - Burma and Portugal. Unfortunately I will have to run you through some genealogy for this to make sense. For those who know a little about me I'm of Burmese-Chinese descent. My dad is 3rd generation Burmese of Chinese descent and my mum is Anglo-Burmese. Now this 'anglo' comprises no fewer than 6 or 7 countries that make up the UN, I kinda get lost in following it all. But she assures me that I have some Portugese blood - after all, her maiden name is Valles which is a Portugese nom de plume (Cirque are French Canadian after all). But then I hear that was an adopted name and then..... it just gives me a headache. So to simplify things, just remember...I'm part-Portugese (like 1/24th, or 1/36th).

Now if any of you out there have been to Macau or know a little about Macanese history, Magellan or some other Portugese ancestor of mine came across a nice harbour at the southern tip of China and thought...mmmmm....this is a nice place....let's stay! Well kinda...but it wasn't until the 1800's till they got to stay for good. Or so they thought, until 1999 when Macau was handed back to China as was Hong Kong. So it's only natural my primal , familial urge is to return to a country of my forebears. Well, a country that was a country of my forebears is close enough.

Now in between that time of 1800 and 1999, there was another country in that part of the world, Burma (now Myanmar) that was undergoing some severe unrest. It was in the 1960's that a whole lot of Burmese fled the country and oppressive rule. A lot of these refugees in fact fled to Macau, and it was a decade or so later that my parents fled to Australia. Which brings me back to my natural progression....Macau has a lot of Burmese people. Burmese-Chinese people. So it is only fitting that I - of Anglo-Burmese-Portugese-Chinese descent relocate myself and family to Macau, China because it all makes sense. I told you it would.

Which brings me to this blog. Either; (doesn't it feel like you're reading a Choose your own adventure with all these multiple choices???)

(A) I will never write an entry in this blog again or,
(B) I will update continuously witty, insightful rhetoric on our adventures in Macau.

I'm leaning towards (A) but I'm hoping it will be (B).


  1. An engaging and insightful read!

  2. Thanks Dan! You were my original inspiration to write a blog....now just to keep it up.

  3. TREV!!!!

    You super, awesome, lucky, sonnuvagun!! Ah it has for some time been a dream of mine to be a member of Cirque- one of those things that i don't actually think about too seriously though. nice one buddy, i'll be checking back more often, definitely keen to hear what's next. take care, speak soon


  4. TREV!!
    God you have a great name : )
    Well, once I'm inside, I'm sure I can put a good word in for you. I'll trade you for a whole bunch of MBL shares.....

  5. Hi Trevor, my name is JT & I'm from Sydney, Australia. Just came across your blog when I was trying to find out a little bit more about physios in Cirque du Soleil.

    Would I be able to contact you to ask a few questions around that?