Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nat's Delivery!!!

WARNING - the following video may offend some viewers. Viewer discretion advised!

Most people now know that Nat had a home birth, and some friends have asked if we filmed the delivery. Well the answer is yes, and i've posted it here for all our family and friends to enjoy maybe with some popcorn or a nice hot mug of cocoa. Obviously I have edited the footage as best I could, but be is not for the squeamish. But, remember, childbirth is a wonderful thing!!!


  1. Ha! Had me there! There I was thinking "better finish lunch before pushing 'play' - this is not something to watch while eating" - and then, this...(?) Nice one! lol!

    Just as well - Tania and I were over at Nat's yesterday and from what she told us the waterbirth video could've been used in the movie 'Jaws'!

    All the Best!

  2. haha - so thgt you'd filmed it. loving yr posts, keeping us informed other than the third hand stories i get from my mum & dad. let us know about yr farewell. ness xx

  3. Ha! Trevor you have a sick sense of humour! What comes out of one box may as well come out of another...and all...