Thursday, July 9, 2009

And then there were two....

Our two angels - Talia and Angie

As mentioned in my landmark post, we have had a recent addition to the family!
Talia Grace Aung Than was born at 8.26pm 29 June 2009 weighing in at a petite 3kg (6 lbs 6) and 50cm in length. My wife Natalie is an absolute warrior (princess) and had a home water birth just how it was done in days o'yore. I provided back up with frequent back rubs and soothing intonation, with Nat's sister Bel on cold-flannel duty. Talia is a quick learner and has fitted well in to the family hierachy - at the top- much to her older sisters chagrin.

Talia's birth was one factor that made our decision to relocate to Macau much harder. That and the fact that Angie has developed such a great bond with her grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins made our decision one of the hardest decisions we have had to make. In the end it came down one of those moments in your life where you just went with your gut instinct, what felt natural to do. When I received the email from Cirque two months ago my initial reaction was one of disappointment, a feeling that I would have to turn the job down (yet again! I initially was offered the job in 2007 but said no...d'oh!). But my warrior princess was by my side and said 'Well, you have to take it this time!!!' and the rest is history.

A good friend of mine 10 years wiser than me who has led an amazing life which has led him to all corners of the globe said aptly - 'You're lucky if opportunity knocks twice'.
And that's how I feel. Really lucky..... for everything. To be alive and healthy and have an inspirational wife and two gorgeous girls. And to get this opportunity, yet again. I couldn't say no this time - I wouldn't want to look back on my life in ten years and ask 'What if I took that job with Cirque?'. Now in ten years I can hopefully say 'How about that time when we were in Macau with Cirque....'.

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