Saturday, March 3, 2012


As the final days of packing/smashing/tearing/ripping down what was once the ZAiA theatre march nearer I think it is appropriate to pay our final respects to what was once our work/home/space, our milieu. Post-ZAiA life certainly will be unfulfilling for some; after you work in a circus can normal life really ever be the same? So, a photo montage of sorts of the last few days at the ZAiA theatre. It doesn't get me anywhere closer to my million words but I don't think mere words can do it justice....


  1. I feel the sadness with you, Trevor. SanLing.

  2. Hey SanLing!
    It's ok; we could say it's the end of an era but I like to think of it as a new beginning...we'll all land on our feet. See you in Perth soon!

  3. I feel sad for the end of your journey too! xxx

  4. There's always a silver lining Bel - see you next week!!