Monday, August 30, 2010

Home sweet home

A week at home is just not enough. After all that eating, visiting, (some) relaxing and attending courses there isn't much time for anything else. I didn't get to do a fraction of the things I wanted to do back in Perth but it was really nice to see family and friends after almost 13 months in Macau. Thanks to all the people who I managed to see for making the effort amongst work and the routine of normal life!

Now....drumroll for some of the highlights of the week...

Catching up with the folks and my bro while he was in town

Celebrating Angie's 4th birthday with family and friends

The blue skies!!!

More blue skies!!!!

Catching up with friends

Angie and her cousin Maya tramping it

Hot mama!

Cousin Lara and Talia

Uncle Dan and Talia

Beautiful Talia

What a whirlwind! Now we're all back in Macau - 'home' for now. It's amazing to think over a year has now passed since I first started writing on here. We're still having fun so Macau will be 'home' for a bit longer.

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