Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ZAiA turns 500!

Above: Me and Cirque founder Guy Laliberte

ZAiA, the Cirque du Soleil show I work with, celebrated our 500th show on Sunday. By coincidence, the founder of Cirque - Guy Laliberte - visited last Thursday (our 497th show) so we got to celebrate 3 days early. I had the chance to do two things last Thursday I had never done before:
  1. Shake hands with a billionaire (Guy's fortune is estimated by Forbes at $2.5bil), and
  2. Shake hands with someone who has been in outer space (Guy recently spent 11 days in space as Space Adventures' seventh private spaceflight client - at only $35mil!).
For a guy who has that amount of money and has had the privilege of going to space, Guy seemed like a very down to earth guy (sorry, I couldn't help myself). He even cut the 'birthday' cake and handed it out to us all.

I heard Guy was out of Macau the next morning at 9am. On and off to another one of his show's around the globe I am sure. For someone that started out his working life as a street performer it's a pretty amazing story.

As you've probably noticed (if anyone out there is actually following this blog...cue tumbleweed...
mum...you do remember how to go online right?).... I am back to posting pics. It was just a momentary lapse of stupidity on my part.

Here are some random pics from the last month or so.....

Angie's first day of school!!

She'll kill you - with a smile!

Our little Beach star!


  1. Hey Trev.

    Great to hear about all the exciting stuff you're up to.

    The girls look gorgeous as always. I love Angie's school uniform. She is very pretty in pink.

    Give my love to Nat.

    x Chelle

  2. i'm following - keep posting pics of the girls - give em a kiss for me


  3. Thanks Chelle and Gav - hope all is going well for you too. I'll update shortly....